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Since 1978, United Ortho has stood on an unwavering commitment to quality, value, and service. No matter what your injury or need, we have you covered with a complete, professional line of braces and supports designed to get you back to being you.

Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we offer, what is possibly the widest range of orthopedic brace and orthopedic equipment online! Right from Ankle Bracing to Walking Boots, from Arm/Shoulder Bracing to Knee Bracing, from Wrist/Thumb Splints to Spine/Neck Bracing, from Post-Op Shoes to Night Splints, and more, we offer it all!

If you’ve been suffering from any sustained injury of the musculoskeletal system or have been experiencing pain for some time now, maybe it is time for you to know about all about various braces and supports that can help treat your muscles and ligaments, in a way that is quicker, more efficient, and pocket-friendly!

"Good Quality, adjustable, easy to put on and take off"
I used this knee immobilizer while recovering from a fractured femur. The first one I had was 20″ long (also United Ortho) and I changed to this 18″ as my leg healed. It was nice to reduce the length a little bit as I am 5’4″. Later on when I could start to put weight on the leg, I changed to a 12″. All worked perfectly as the bone has healed.
United States
"Better than Insurance Provided One"
My podiatrist gave me a prescription for 2 of these for plantar fasciitis on both feet. My insurance would only cover one since they are reversible, so instead of paying $110 through medical supply I ordered this. I now wish I would have just ordered 2 of these. It beats out the insurance covered one by a landslide…
Kris R.
United States
"Miracle Robo-boot"
Thanks to this boot I was able to heal so much faster while not giving up my life to do so. It is my miracle Robo-Boot. I fail to understand why hospitals and doctors aren’t handing these out automatically. It wasn’t until I got this boot that I started walking properly and began healing! I’m telling you, this was one of the best investments I’ve made in a long while. It’s mine now and I’m never letting it go but I’ll share.
L.M. Fields
United States

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United Ortho - Your Go-To Destination for Ortho Products Online!

Welcome to Ortho Centre – The singular place where you can find the best possible orthopedic products as well as orthotic devices to help treat or prevent an injury!

To make things quick and easy for you, we have categorized our extensive range of orthopedic brace, splints, and shoes on the basis of BODY PART, PAIN/INJURY, and FUNCTION!

All About the Orthopedic Brace

Orthopedic braces can be referred to as medical devices specially designed to align, correct the position, support, stabilize, and protect the muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints of the body. For what they’re worth, they help address and resolve any musculoskeletal issues caused as a result of an injury or trauma.

  • Restricting and assisting general movement for a certain time period

  • Removing weight from healing or injured joints and muscles

  • Correcting the shape and function of the affected area

  • Reducing pain and discomfort

  • Facilitating enhances mobility

More often than not, orthopedic braces are prescribed by a doctor, or a certified orthotist to treat patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal issues such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and arthritis amongst many others.

Generally speaking, patients undergoing treatment for sprain, fracture, pulled muscle, dislocated joint, and broken bone(s) can also use orthopedic supports on the recommendation of their medical practitioner.

Athletes are prone to suffering from injuries and ligament tears caused as a result of undue or repeated pressure on certain muscle groups. The use of orthopedic devices helps them stay protected from further injuries while enabling the quick healing of the present injury.

Orthopedic supplies such as Lumbar Supports, Compression Gear, and others are often used by Geriatric patients due to their increased susceptibility to musculoskeletal problems. The use of these supports helps in both – stabilization as well as protection of the joints, while also reducing the subsequent pain.

United Ortho is committed to providing a broad range of high-quality products to help with your bracing needs. Our products are designed with comfort, durability, and function in mind. Thanks to the establishment of our own manufacturing facility, we have been able to meet our much-desired goal of offering affordable orthopedic supplies and support equipment, while ensuring superior quality products.

Simply browse through our website, and we are sure, you will find the best support and compression products that will ease your pain and boost your post-surgery recovery!